Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd.

Fit for various workplace applications, such as general factories, warehouse,construction, plumbing, and agriculture industries.

Features & Specifications

1. Traditional table winch, high durability for both lifting and pulling applications.
2. Induction motor provides high duty work and quiet running volume.
3. Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearing on all running surfaces.
4. Fabricated steel drum.
5. Planetary gearing design guarantees a powerful loadability and durable lifetime usage.
6. Enclosed drum flange to prevent rope from trapped between drum and support castings.
7. 200kg - 500kg winches are eligible to install with an upper hanger for overhung applications.

Model Cap. Power Phase Electric
Wire Rope Speed Motor Brake %ED IP FEM
kg Volt. Size HOL M/min Cap. Type
DU-204 250 220 380 1,3 Direct 6mm 30M 15 0.8HP Induction Disc 40% 51 2m



Winch Body:
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm): 525 X 201 X 233

Package Box:
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm): 640 X 250 X 310
CBM: 0.0496


Net Weight: 34Kgs
Gross Weight: 36Kgs