Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd.

Applications :
Fit for various construction workplaces,civil engineering,general factories,plumbing,coating scaffolding,warehousing,duildings,domestics,farming industries,stores and even more.
Lightweight,compact,easy carry,operation friendly,and fine appearance.

Features & Specifications

Upper Hook: Made from alloy steel material by die-casting formation. High strength and reliable safety. Wide opening with latch.
Motor: High-speed brush motor (series wound), small size and high efficiency.
Quick Connector: Industrial 3-Pin power connector. Quick plug in & out for pendant controller. Easy connection and storage for control switch.
Load Chain: DT level load chain (4.0mm, grade 80) standard, manufactured by Japan FEC provides a higher resistance against fatigue, wear and rust.
Brake / Clutch: Friction Clutch can make the motor idle running to avoid damage under overload and over tight revolving.
Housing: The compact aluminum die-casting body with exceptional rigidity. Applied with automobile grade powder coating. High dust-protection and water protection (IP-54).
Quick Connector Lid: Well protection of connector parts against ingress.
Gears: With high efficiency driving system plus 3-stage planetary speed reducing gear and 2-stage spur speed reducing gear.
Chain Container: One-piece HDPE chain container provides  higher resistance, tensile, and durability.
Lower Hook (For ACH-500): Aluminum alloy pulley case.Hook made from alloy steel material by die-casting formation. High strength and reliablesafety. Inside is applied with ball bearing to against 360 degree rotation.
Electric Control System: Electromagnetism control.

Model Cap. Power Electric 
Chain Speed Motor Brake %ED IP FEM
kg Volt. Size HOL Fall(s) M/min Cap. Type
ACH-500 500 110/220 Electro
4.0mmx12mm 3M 2 2 0.6KW Series
Ratchet 25% 54 1Am



Winch Body:
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm): 335 X 173 X 456

Package Box:
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm): 375 X 365 X 265
CBM: 0.0362


Net Weight: 9Kgs
Gross Weight: 15Kgs