Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd.

Applications :
Suitable for the areas wuthout power supply,such as forest,farm,wilderness,under-construction buildings,plumbing,etc.
Also good for safety and rescuing applications,extremely efficient.

Features & Specifications

Trigger Switch Set: Power-Tool-Wise controller 
Battery: DC 18V in Li-Ion & NiMH types (2 battery packs in box)
Battery Performance: 20 min. for Li-Ion battery; 15 min. for NiMH battery
Battery Charger: AC 100V-240V. Conform to main safety standards.
Charging Time: 70 min. for Li-Ion battery; 120 min. for NiMH battery
Load Chain: FEC Grade 80
Lifting Height: 3mtr as standard
Quick Connector: Easy plug in & out for hoist and trigger switch.
Control Cable Length: 2mtr as standard
Portable Case: Securely stores the hoist and accessories in fine appearance, and easy carry.
Battery Condition Indicator: Displays the amount of power remaining in the battery
Stepless Speed Switch: For precision and control during a variety of applications   
LED Load Display: Green - Low Loading. Yellow - Medium Loading. Red - Heavy Loading.
Overloading Warning Alarm: Buzzer sounds when overload occurs.
Overload Clutch: Protection against overloading and over tight revolving
Emergency Stop: Optional upon request
Upper Limit Sensor: Optional upon request

Portable Case Chain Bag Li-Ion Battery Control System




Winch Body:
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm): 257 X 173 X 388

Package Box:
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm): 630 X 280 X 450
CBM: 0.0793


Net Weight: 8Kgs
Gross Weight: 16Kgs